About Daikaijuzine


The word daikaiju is a Japanese word that, in essence, means "giant monster". You may have heard or seen the word kaiju in association with films like Pacific Rim, and you may already know that it means monster, or, literally, "strange creature". And you may already be acquainted with certain daikaiju that have made it into public awareness: Mothra, Gamera, for example, as well as the original daikaiju himself, Godzilla.

The purpose of Daikaijuzine is to present fiction, nonfiction, and poetry which is as interesting and varied as these giant creatures: from science fiction to fantasy to horror to nonfiction, we publish as wide an array of features as possible. We pay each contributor, because no one should have to create for exposure only.

Things may look a little bit sparse around here; that's because we're just getting started, and have chosen to focus on content and functionality over presentation for now. We want to make sure our stories and articles can be read on your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to inquire at the tab above.

Daikaijuzine is staffed entirely by volunteers, and here is a list of them:

Richard S. Crawford, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

Jennifer Crawford, Managing Editor

Beth Johnson, First Reader and Slush Wrangler

Bonnie Schutzman, Associate Editor

Elisabeth Kauffman, Associate Editor

Keith Phemister, Associate Editor

Daikaijuzine is in no way associated with the band Daikaiju at http://www.daikaiju.org. They're a good band, though. You should check them out.