Untitled #4

How do you fall
in love in zero gravity
when all you know is free fall
and butterflies in your stomach
are permanent residents
and stars in your eyes
and you hear your heartbeat
in your spacesuits
all the time anyway?

for a friend.



copyright 2019 by Anatoly Belilovsky

Drought and Dryad

sunlight heavy upon her branches
leaves shrivel
bark peels
still she reaches upward
an appeal to the heavens
twigs extended
as if to snare passing clouds
squeeze out the rain

there are no clouds

she bows beneath her burden
color green nonexistent
all the world is crackled dust
shifting and whirling
restless brown clouds

sister trees
cast seeds to the breeze
murmuring of life elsewhere
she tastes wind on naked skin
even the air is parched

A Purring Cat is a Time Machine

I hold the purring cat
and close my eyes
to slip from this time stream

cats long dead and long gone
materialize between my hands
their purr an anchor
to my marrow and soul
I grieve and rejoice
to feel their cozy warmth
their fur soft again, healthy

my hands tell the cats
that I have not forgotten them
that I always know
their strategic sweet spots
for scratches and rubs

and they remember me
as they perch upon my thighs
painful nips to my hand replaced

Dollar Store Monsters

dollar store monsters are born of confusion
their packaging riddled in bad English
the monsters themselves are mottled messes
pink minotaurs who quote Shakespeare
neon plastic demons
who believe they are rainbow unicorns

the sign on their store shelf screams
some parents still try, though
the huffy fathers who feel their sons
shouldn't play with a red dragon
who whispers fashion advice on accessorizing
"those shoes, those shoes—
what is she thinking?"