The Gap Generation

Submitted by the_admin on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 22:48

by S. E. Kessler

Year 11, Day 3

Yoon Min-Jung braids her daughter’s hair while she doodles a picture of Earth. When she was younger, Min-Jung loved to draw with her colored pencils, the Faber-Castell ones her grandmother gave her for her tenth birthday. But there are no colored pencils on board the spaceship, so her daughter uses her finger on an old tablet app.

Bo-Young draws a slightly lopsided circle--still impressive for a six-year-old by Min-Jung’s standards--and colors the ocean blue and the land purple.

Cut-Rate Couples Weekend at the Witch House Inne and Tavern (9 reviews)

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By Stewart Baker

Enjoy a weekend getaway with your other half in our luxuriously updated replica of the original Witch House, a 17th-century cottage set in the heart of historic Arkham. A ten minute walk through the old town's picturesque alleys will earn you romantic river views and access to Pickman's Gallery and Portraiture, the Cats of Ulthar Window Seat Café, and the tree-lined vistas of Danvers State Park. Looking for a longer-term getaway with your sweetie? Ask about our travel packages to Innsmouth or other, more exotic, destinations!

Gutman to the Rescue

Submitted by the_admin on Sat, 02/01/2020 - 18:52

by Lorna Wood

I married too young. I was fresh out of high school and still going by “Mighty Girl,” even though I was technically a woman. HOUSE—the Homeland Organization of Undercover Super Enforcers—assigned Mighty Man, one of their first recruits, to check out all the places where super-phenomena had been reported and track down more superheroes for the program. Tales of a seventeen-year-old meteor crater and mighty me drew him to Anytown, Illinois.

Drums of the Trireme

Submitted by the_admin on Fri, 01/31/2020 - 21:04

by Michael Robert

Everything in this place keeps time with the tattoo of the drum. The groan of the oars, the rattling of chains, the crack of the lash, all of it in the same cadence. I even find my climb to the deck above matching the tempo of the rhythmic pounding.

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