Shapeshifting Isn't Some Party Trick

now look here
shapeshifting isn't some party trick
for one thing, it hurts
that's true for all shifters
I think werewolves and other
hairy folks got it worst, though
thousands of hair sprouting
all at once, as their skin
stretches out, too?
ugh, awful

also, remember that shifting
isn't something we do
it's also what we are
part of our personal identities
our families' identities
I sure hope that you don't
walk up to your 'friends' from
different backgrounds and ask them
to spontaneously perform some
stereotype of their people
if so, well, you really suck

so think about your words
because if you make a request like this
to some other shifter, well
they likely won't be as nice
as I am
and maybe the stereotypes about
how they like to eat human flesh
are true after all