Communique from Allied Headquarters

we have won
After a hard day of fighting
the mighty Buluret army.
it’s clear that today’s victory is pivotal. We are
rejoicing because
You can finally stop
living in fear.
We’ll reach you soon, so enjoy
This moment:  it’s the end of the war...

this next fact should be clear--
We’ll state this plainly to avoid confusion--
the Allied armies
have unquestionably subdued
The Buluret forces

everything that comes next is just a formality.
It's obvious that
You can give it a rest.
to stockpile resources
and perhaps you’ll start
watching for our arrival
It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be
filled with hope for the future
instead of
scared into hiding like rats
You’ll be
strong... that’s always been the case, of course.
The Buluret army is
and from within these mighty headquarters, we report that you are now
victorious, at last.
We have won the day...

Finally, the war has come to a close.

Buluret correspondence is read from bottom to top
in case if you uncultured Allied swine have forgotten,

(read poem in reverse)