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For everyone who has expressed concern, thank you. Our host had upgraded Drupal, the software that runs this site, but one of the plugins was not compatible with the new version. All attempts to remove the plugin or downgrade the software failed, and since the database contained information about the installed plugin, it could not be used to restore the site. The front page content was visible and accessible as normal, but we could not update the site on the backend, which meant that we could not post any new content or edit any existing content.

The Gap Generation

Year 11, Day 3

Yoon Min-Jung braids her daughter’s hair while she doodles a picture of Earth. When she was younger, Min-Jung loved to draw with her colored pencils, the Faber-Castell ones her grandmother gave her for her tenth birthday. But there are no colored pencils on board the spaceship, so her daughter uses her finger on an old tablet app.

Bo-Young draws a slightly lopsided circle--still impressive for a six-year-old by Min-Jung’s standards--and colors the ocean blue and the land purple.

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